• SCBWI Kansas is pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Fall conference illustration contest is Jesse Graber.    Jesse says, “I am a freelance illustrator working in Kansas City, Kansas. When I’m not drawing I play a lot of music on the fiddle and banjo. I attended Bethel College in North Newton, KS and The American Academy of Art in Chicago. I illustrate books, magazines and educational materials for clients such as McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, Oxford University Press, and Highlights for Children, and I am represented in the children’s market by Cornell & Company.”   Check out more of his fantastic work at www.jessegraber.com.    
  • Our 2016 Middle of the Map illustration contest 2nd place winner was Rob Peters of Topeka, KS. You can see his work at www.rob-peters.com.    
  • Our 2016 Middle of the Map illustration contest 3rd place winner was Michelle Meade. You can see her work at www.michellemeade.net.   

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Register now for the annual SCBWI Kansas fall Middle of the Map conference.  Please read the "How to Register for the Conference" instructions in the sidebar menu before you register. You may pay when you register using Paypal or a credit card, or mail a check. The deadline to register is 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 28. No on-site registration.
All manuscript critiques with editors and agents on the faculty are sold out. Portfolio critiques or consultations with Chad Beckerman, Abrams creative director are available.  Portfolio reviews are $50 for SCBWI members, $80 for non-members, or $35 for students (must be 18 or over.)
Conference registration is $180 for SCBWI members, $200 for non-members, and $160 for students (must be 18 or over.) 
Congratulations to Jesse Graber, the winner of the 2016 conference art contest, and Elizabeth Reimer, winner of the 2016 Clare Vanderpool Work of Promise Scholarship!